Weed Control

As you gaze over your strong, healthy, bright green lawn with satisfaction, you notice a lone weed in the distance. As you make your way to go pull it, you notice another. And another. Finally, you can look over your lawn proudly without a weed in sight. Until a day or two later when another one pops up! JC Green Services Inc. understands how frustrating weed growth can be, so if you notice any appearing in between regularly scheduled service calls, call us so we can send someone out to resolve your issue.

The best weed prevention is actually a healthy lawn. It sounds simple, but it’s true. Of course this is achieved through a proper lawn care routine (and is one of the reasons why lawn fertilization and lawn aeration are so important) and does take work. A naturally healthy lawn has thick roots and strong grass, which prevent weeds from being able to grow and limit the rate at which they appear. Nevertheless, there are going to be some weeds that somehow manage to get through.

JC Green Services Inc. understands how important your lawn is and only uses the safest, highest-quality weed control products. This product is a selective weed control that can kill weeds without damaging the existing turf (or lawn) around it and begins to work within 24 hours, causing weeds to shrivel and die over 7-10 days. Unfortunately, some people have tried other methods on the market like Roundup without realizing some of the unappealing effects they can have on their lawn. The last thing you want after investing time, energy, and financial resources in your lawn and dealing with weeds is to end up with brown spots! Products such as these are only meant to be used near areas like sidewalks where existing vegetation doesn’t already exist.

Sometimes even the very best lawns cannot keep out weeds that refuse to go away! At JC Green Services Inc., we pride ourselves on helping you achieve the best lawn possible. Your satisfaction matters to us! If you see pesky, unwanted weeds contact us today for a free estimate.