Lawn Care Services

JC Green Services Inc. offers a variety of lawn care services to keep your lawn in the healthiest condition possible. We believe you should have the most beautiful lawn in the neighborhood, and it shouldn’t cost you a fortune. We maintain the highest standards and only use the highest-quality products. Some of the services we provide to give you the very best lawn possible include lawn fertilization, lawn aeration, weed control.

Lawn Fertilization

Every lawn is unique and to keep yours green and healthy, fertilization is an important part of your lawn care routine. Fertilizing your lawn adds essential nutrients, which keeps grass strong and allows it to continue to optimally grow. In fact, there are at least 18 essential elements required for proper growth and it is very difficult to obtain these without fertilization. Let us help you obtain and keep the best lawn possible with our lawn fertilization program!
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Lawn Aeration

Who doesn’t want a stronger, more vigorous lawn? Lawn aeration is used as a tool to alleviate soil compaction while helping to ensure your roots grow nice and deep. Your soil is perforated with small holes, which allows water, nutrients, and air to penetrate deep into the roots and ground. The process is simple and the results are vast. Lawn aeration improves the effectiveness of your fertilization program as well as keeping annoying, potentially damaging, insect populations at bay.
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Weed Control

A naturally healthy lawn is not conducive to weed growth and acts as its own preventative measure (which is why lawn fertilization and lawn aeration is so important!). The thick roots and strong grass prevent weeds from being able to grow or limit the frequency they appear. However, sometimes even the best lawns cannot keep out weeds that refuse to go away! If you see unwanted, pesky weeds appearing, call or email us and schedule an appointment today so we can resolve your problem.
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At JC Green Services Inc., we pride ourselves on helping you achieve the best lawn possible. Your satisfaction matters to us! Contact us today for a lawn care services estimate!