Lawn Aeration

Lawn aeration is an important part of a proper lawn care routine. In order to accomplish a strong, beautiful and healthy lawn, you must not only perform regular lawn maintenance duties like watering, mowing, and fertilizing, but also guarantee your soil is getting all of the nutrients that it needs. Lawn aeration aids to remove thatch and soil compaction while helping to ensure your roots grow nice and deep. Lawn aeration improves the effectiveness of your fertilization program as well as keeping annoying, potentially damaging, insect populations at bay.

What is Lawn Aeration?

The process of lawn aeration is the perforation of your soil with small holes, which allows water, nutrients, and air to absorb deep into the roots and ground, which strengthens the root system. What this all means, in a nutshell, is it helps your lawn breathe!

What Are The Benefits Of Lawn Aeration?

There are a lot of advantages associated with lawn aeration and any lawn can benefit from the practice, but it is especially valuable to those that go through a lot of wear and tear.

  • Soil compaction can be caused by several factors, but rain and sprinklers are usually the offenders. When this happens, your soil is dense and loses its ability to hold air and dispel water. Aeration allows water to return to the roots again.
  • Thatch is the buildup of dead roots, lawn clippings, and all the other stuff that is right below the grass and soil. A thick thatch buildup (try saying that five times fast!) soaks up moisture preventing nutrients from getting to roots, as well as becoming a prime breeding ground for undesirable insects. Aeration clears this up!
  • You can expect almost immediately noticeably improved health.
  • Aerated lawns require less water and when you water, it won’t puddle.
  • Your lawn has an enhanced tolerance for heat.
  • Fertilization programs are even more effective.

Lawn aeration is just one tool for your lawn care routine, but it will make a huge difference, especially in combination with your fertilization and weed control programs. At JC Green Lawn Care Services, we pride ourselves on helping you achieve the best lawn possible. Your satisfaction matters to us! Contact us today to get a free lawn aeration estimate!